About 20th Century Clocks

I have been a furniture maker all my life and have always loved to include timepieces into my interior work and styling. Now retired I spend huge amounts of time collecting, restoring and making clocks. My primary interest is in case design but I do respect mechanical and early electronic movements and always try to restore before employing a contemporary replacement.

I have been dealing in clocks for many years, have enjoyed the odd TV appearance and hours doing the Guardian crossword while waiting for the next enthusiast to arrive at a showroom. Latterly, however, I have been focusing my efforts on the internet - quite simply because of its unparalleled efficiency as a marketing and communications tool. My hope is, that if you are not tempted to buy anything, you at least enjoy the browsing experience.

Most of the clocks for sale date from the 1920s to the 1990s. If you are a serious collector of mechanical clocks I have something for you. If winding a clock regularly isn't your thing, I have vintage clocks for sale that have been converted, or can be converted, but this is done using the original hands and as sensitively as possible.

I have clocks - typically British - that attempted portrayal of a style and failed and I have had fun correcting some of the issues.  Clocks with wonderful deco or arts and crafts casework then fitted with awful roman numeral dials. Arrogant yes, but great fun. Not for the purist maybe but I do have enormous sympathy for the brilliant Elliot case designers (for example) who had all their wonderful creations ruined by the edition of the same "Company" dial that lasted from Victorian times till the 1960s.


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1930s Smiths oak and brass electric clock. Super. original electric synchronous movement rewired

Smiths 1930 oak and brass electric clock >>